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BANANA CARAMEL (S) soft banana cake with caramel (salted caramel also available) filling and a vanilla, cinnamon or caramel buttercream.

BROWN BUTTER CAKE A fan favorite; brown butter cake with brown butter whipped frosting. Pairs beautifully with salted caramel.

CARAMEL DREAM (S) Caramel cake layers with a homemade caramel filling, caramel buttercream and a caramel drip

CARROT CAKE (S) Spiced carrot cake with the option of cream cheese frosting or cinnamon buttercream

CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Our signature chocolate cake infused with real chocolate, pairs wonderfully with a fruit filling or a chocolate ganache and buttercream of your choice

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY (S) Chocolate buttermilk cake with a seedless raspberry compote filling; pairs well with chocolate, vanilla or raspberry buttercream

CHOCOLATE ORANGE (S) Chocolate buttermilk cake with fresh orange infusion and chocolate orange buttercream

CHURRO (S) Brown sugar cinnamon cake layers with a brown sugar/cinnamon swirl and cinnamon buttercream

COCONUT CLOUD CAKE (S) Fluffy coconut cake layers with coconut buttercream and optional toasted coconut on the outside. Pairs well with chocolate ganache filling.

COOKIES AND CREAM (S) Chocolate cake layers with cookies and cream filling, chocolate ganache and blended Oreo buttercream

FUNFETTI Decadent vanilla cake with a hint of almond, flooded with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla buttercream *** whipped peanut butter frosting option

HONEY LAVENDER BLACKBERRY (S) Dense honey cake layers with a lavender syrup soak, blackberry compote filling and honey buttercream

LAVENDER (S) Lavender milk cake, pairs beautifully with honey or vanilla buttercream

LEMON Fresh lemon cake made with real lemon juice and lemon zest, pairs well with blueberry or raspberry filling ​

LEMON BLUEBERRY Fresh lemon cake with blueberries scattered throughout the layers ​

LEMON POPPYSEED Fresh lemon cake with poppyseeds MARBLE Buttery vanilla cake and chocolate buttermilk cake swirled together for an elegant cake loved by all

MAPLE (S) Real maple syrup infused cake; smells like fresh pancakes and is lovely by itself or paired with a salted caramel filling ​

PEANUT BUTTER BANANA HONEY Banana cake layers with whipped peanut butter frosting and a honey drizzle in between the layers

PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE Peanut butter cake layers with chocolate marshmallow filling and peanut butter or chocolate buttercream ​

PISTACHIO CAKE (S) Ground pistachio infused cake with a light lime buttercream, *option to add mini chocolate chips available ​

PUMPKIN CAKE (S) Spiced pumpkin cake, pairs well with caramel, cinnamon or pumpkin buttercream ​

THE SHANTY A black forest cake, complete with chocolate fudge cake layers, filled with chocolate ganache and cherry pie filling. Pairs well with chocolate or vanilla frosting on the outside with some fresh cherries. ​

S'MORES (S) Chocolate cake layers baked on a graham cracker crust, with marshmallow filling and a chocolate ganache drip. ​

STRAWBERRY CAKE Flavor-packed strawberry cake layers, pairs beautifully with cream cheese frosting or vanilla buttercream. ​

STRAWBERRY THYME CAKE Lemon ricotta cake layers brushed with a lemon thyme syrup, filled with strawberry compote and frosted with vanilla buttercream

TIRAMISU (S) Vanilla bean cake layers with a coffee syrup soak and dusted with cocoa powder and covered in a coffee buttercream

VANILLA (VANILLA BEAN OPTION) our most popular cake; pairs beautifully with any fruit filling or ganache and can be tinted any color ​

WHITE ALMOND SOUR CREAM CAKE Decadent, wedding-quality cake, pairs well with a fruit filling and vanilla bean buttercream